Databend aimed to be an open source elastic and reliable cloud warehouse, it offers blazing fast query and combines elasticity, simplicity, low cost of the cloud, built to make the Data Cloud easy.

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Tracing in Databend

Databend using Rust's tracing ecosystem tokio-tracing to do log and profile.

Distributed tracing with Jaeger

Jaeger, is a distributed tracing platform. It can be used for monitoring microservices-based distributed systems.

  • 4 steps to enable Jaeger monitor

    • build databend-query: cargo build --bin databend-query
    • run with DEBUG log level: LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG ./databend-query
    • start jaeger: docker run -d -p6831:6831/udp -p6832:6832/udp -p16686:16686 jaegertracing/all-in-one:latest
    • Open
  • Jaeger Tracing Show


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Explore and diagnose with tokio-console

tokio-console is a diagnostics and debugging tool for asynchronous Rust programs.

  • 3 steps to enable console subscriber

    • build databend-query with rustflags & features: RUSTFLAGS="--cfg tokio_unstable" cargo build --bin databend-query --features tokio-console
    • run with the log level of TRACE: LOG_LEVEL=TRACE databend-query
    • run tokio-console
  • Run tokio-console to explore databend-query


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You can check the changelogs of Databend nightly to learn about our latest developments.


From open source, for open source. Our team is also committed to contributing to the Rust ecosystem and upstream dependencies.

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