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What's Changed

Below is a list of some major changes that we don't want you to miss.

Exciting New Features ✨

multiple catalog

  • implement drop user defined catalog (#8820)


  • add cli command to delete a key and to expire a key (#8858)


  • support broadcast join (#8779)
  • extract or clause to push down potential predicates for join (#8855)


  • optimize count(Nullable(col)) (#8805)
  • support unset settings (#8870)
  • add distinct count aggregator and column distinct count (#8825)


  • compact segments in reversed order (#8806)

new expression

  • geo functions (#8481)
  • add methods to get memory size of ValueTypes (#8875)
  • add a global builtin function registry (#8912)

Code Refactor 🎉

memory tracker

  • send pointer addresses to mem tracker (#8879)
  • add StatBuffer to provide fine grained mem allocation stats buffer (#8880)

new expression

  • allow sparse column id for constant folder (#8821)

Build/Testing/CI Infra Changes 🔌

  • separate sqllogic test with handler (#8836)

Thoughtful Bug Fix 🔧


  • support track processor async task (#8871)

http handler

  • avoid dropping runtime when task on it not finished (#8894)


  • remove useless memcpy when group long string (#8851)


  • snapshot removed unsafely during meta commit failure (#8850)


Let's take a look at what's new at Datafuse Labs & Databend each week.

Preview of New Expressions: Geo Functions

By supporting Geo functions, Databend will have the ability to perform operations on geographic inputs.

With the merging of #8481, geo functions like great_circle_distance, geo_distance, great_circle_angle and point_in_ellipses are already supported in the new expression system.

Databend is currently actively working on the migration to the new expressions, so keep an eye on the expression branch for progress!

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Unset Settings

The merging of #8870 brings the ability to unset settings to Databend

UNSET means to restore one or more settings to their default values. The settings will also be reset to the initial SESSION level if they were set to GLOBAL level.

UNSET <setting_name> | ( <setting_name> [, <setting_name> ...])

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Meet issues you may be interested in and try to solve it.

Add Compression Option to Create Table

Compression helps to reduce the size of databases. For IO-intensive loads, compression may provide some performance improvements.

Databend plans to introduce compression option in the create table statement and support compression algorithms such as LZ4 (default) and Snappy.

create table t1(a int) [compression="LZ4|SNAPPY"]

Issue 8903: feat: add compression option to create table

If you find it interesting, try to solve it or participate in discussions and PR reviews. Or you can click on to pick up a good first issue, good luck!


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Thanks a lot to the contributors for their excellent work this week.


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