Databend aimed to be an open source elastic and reliable cloud warehouse, it offers blazing fast query and combines elasticity, simplicity, low cost of the cloud, built to make the Data Cloud easy.

Big changes

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Performance Improvement

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Announce OpenDAL

Open Data Access Layer that connect the whole world together.

  • General: designed for any workload, not only for Databend.
  • Zero-Overhead: Using this lib is just like using the native SDK.
  • Easy to understand: Both for using and implementing.

This project has now been separated from Databend and is offered as a separate project -> datafuselabs/opendal.

Please see proposal: Vision of Databend DAL for the vision of OpenDAL.

See its change history details in #3677.


You can check the changelogs of Databend nightly to learn about our latest developments.


From open source, for open source. Our team is also committed to contributing to the Rust ecosystem and upstream dependencies.

Meet Us

Please join the DatafuseLabs Community if you are interested in Databend.

We are looking forward to seeing you try our code. We have a strong team behind you to ensure a smooth experience in trying our code for your projects. If you are a hacker passionate about database internals, feel free to play with our code.

You can submit issues for any problems you find. We also highly appreciate any of your pull requests.